Happy at Home Pet Care - Caring for your pets like they are our own

   Welcome to Happy at Home Pet Care. At Happy at Home, we care for your furry family like they are our                          own family. 
 If your family is like ours, your furry friends are more than just pets, they are part of the family. When you can't be home with them, because of work, vacation or other obligations, you want them taken care of with the same love and attention that you give them. That is exactly what we do at Happy at Home. We are experienced and educated in caring for a variety of pets and their individual personalities.  
We are a husband and wife team, both with a deep love of animals.
   My name is Kerry King I have worked as a veterinary assistant since 1991.During my years as an assistant I have had the opportunity to study animal nutrition and basic animal behavior. I have cared for many types of animals in many different situations. I am able to give injections and oral medications when needed. I am trained to care for animals with many different illnesses. I have also volunteered for a number of animal rescues in Michiana. My husband Kelley King has been around animals all his life. He has worked with animals and has volunteered at  a local shelter. Together we have been caring for pets at Happy at Home since 2009.

                                      Our Mission:
                    To make sure that all pets in our care
               are safe and taken care of with compassion 
               when the family is away. To instill love and trust
               In the relationships of the furry loved ones
               and the family that we care for. 

                                       Our Vision: 
                  To grow throughout the whole Michiana area
               So we can provide safe and security, with love
               and compassion, to furry loved ones and peace 
               of mind to the family's when they are away. 

Established 2009